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Connecting People

and Data

for integrated business solutions

As data management and knowledge infrastructure experts, we help our clients prepare, structure, and enrich their data to solve their specific problems in risk assessment, sustainability, product design, human health, and environmental issues.

We strive for innovation

At Edelweiss Connect, we foster creativity, collaboration, and curiosity to drive continuous improvement in risk assessment and data management.

By maintaining an agile and adaptive mindset, we navigate challenges, refine ideas, and explore new frontiers to provide solutions in risk assessment and beyond.


Our dedicated team leverages advanced techniques and collaborative approaches to solve complex business problems. With a strong emphasis on expertise and a supportive work culture, we deliver impactful solutions across various domains.

Explore our services and see how we turn scientific challenges into opportunities for progress and success.

  • Our risk assessment services utilise advanced techniques to evaluate and mitigate potential risks associated with substances, products, or processes. We analyse complex problem formulations, providing valuable modelling predictions and actionable insights to optimise product risk and safety measures and to ensure best optimal responses to emerging regulations.

  • We utilise predictive modelling and machine learning techniques to gain valuable insights from complex data sets. Our skilled team employs advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to help organisations make data-driven decisions, anticipate future trends, and mitigate risks effectively.

  • With our expertise in data analysis and integration, we help organisations extract meaningful information from diverse data sets. By leveraging advanced statistical methods and data visualisation techniques, we uncover patterns, trends, and correlations, empowering data-driven decision-making.

  • We specialise in knowledge management and integration, assisting organisations in harnessing and synthesising scientific, technical and market knowledge from various sources combined with cultural awareness, organisational development and change management. Our expertise in data standardisation, ontologies, and semantic technologies enables effective knowledge sharing tools and facilitates collaboration.

  • We provide regulatory support services to help businesses navigate complex regulatory frameworks. Our team stays up-to-date with evolving regulations and assists in preparing dossiers, risk assessments, and regulatory submissions, ensuring compliance and facilitating market access.

  • We actively engage in collaborative research and consortia, partnering with industry leaders, academic institutions, and regulatory bodies to drive innovation and advance scientific knowledge.

  • Navigating the complexities of information is key in today's dynamic landscape. From regulatory compliance to knowledge synthesis, we streamline document-related processes, ensuring efficient management and facilitating informed decision-making.

Our Collaborations

Edelweiss Connect partners with leading global brands, manufacturers, chemical companies, solution platforms, and certification standards.


Solving Challenges, Fostering Collaboration

We ensure secure and reliable access to data through innovative solutions, emphasizing quality, accuracy, and compliance with the highest standards.

Trusted Data and Knowledge Infrastructure

We ensure secure and reliable access to data through innovative solutions, emphasizing integrity, quality, accuracy, and compliance with the highest standards.

Next-Generation Collaboration

We orchestrate innovative collaborations, utilizing a strong partner network and an efficient virtual organization structure to overcome challenges and achieve ambitious goals.

for Risk Assessment

We employ advanced techniques to offer insights into ingredient and formulation impacts on human health and the environment.

Optimizing Data & Human-AI Collaboration

We create solutions that bridge technology and applications, connecting diverse data sources and optimizing human-AI workflows for accelerated assessments.

Innovate. Collaborate. Achieve.

We ensure secure and reliable access to data through innovative solutions, emphasizing quality, accuracy, and compliance.


Meet our Innovation Venture

We proudly present SaferWorldbyDesign, our innovation venture initiated.

At the core of this venture, our dedicated team has played an essential role in fostering growth and steering its evolution. SaferWorldbyDesign stands as a testament to our commitment to pioneering solutions that redefine safety standards in the industry. Join us on this impactful venture, where Edelweiss Connect continues to shape the future of safety through collaborative innovation.

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