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Our Expertise

Our expertise includes:

As data management and knowledge infrastructure experts, we help our clients prepare, structure, and enrich their data to solve their specific problems in risk assessment, sustainability, product design, human health, and environmental issues. Our team, composed of data architects, life scientists, machine learning, AI, and predictive modeling specialists, in addition to risk assessment, regulatory, and business expertise works to provide clients with the best possible solutions and outcomes.

We aim to enable our partners and customers to develop and market smarter products that contribute to a sustainable and safer society and environment. Our goal is to incubate an increasing number of high-impact products, services, and startup companies at the forefront of innovation combined with sustainability and responsibility.

Our approach to data management emphasizes the importance of building trusted data and knowledge infrastructure that meets the highest standards of quality, accuracy, and reproducibility. Through our expertise, we help our clients to ensure that their data is secure, compliant with relevant regulations, and easily accessible to those who need it.

 Risk Assessment Modeling, focuses on the evaluation and management of risks associated with ingredients and formulations. Our advanced modeling techniques enable us to provide valuable insights into the potential impact of specific ingredients and formulations on human health and the environment.
 Edelweiss Connect is a leading provider of knowledge solutions that bridge the gap between the latest technology and practical applications. Our team of experts specialize in creating and connecting multiple data sources to enhance and speed up assessments, and human-AI collaboration workflows that enable researchers to unlock the full potential of their data.
 As seasoned initiators of independent research projects, we have expertise in organizing, supporting, and managing collaborative projects, both innovation-oriented and service-based. We draw on our strong community of partners working within an effective virtual organization structure. If your goal is to achieve what looks like an impossible challenge, we may be the partner for you, that will remove blocking factors and get us to the finishing line together.


SaferWorldbyDesign Platform

Our SaferWorldbyDesign platform combines our expertise with that of selected innovative partners to build an ambitious high-impact new framework and platform for product-oriented integrated design, risk, and safety assessment.


Our News

XtalPi and Edelweiss Connect Join Forces for AI-Enhanced Safety Evaluation of Skincare Products

Today, XtalPi, a pioneering technology platform powered by (AI) and robotics; and Edelweiss Connect (EwC), focusing on next-generation product design and risk assessment solutions, announced a strategic partnership. 

ACCORDS Projects arranged its Kickoff Meeting in Ljubljana

On January 31st and February 1st members from the whole consortium had the first meeting of the project at the University of Ljubljana.

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