Workflow to collect, analyse and report on nanomaterials characterisation data - from research to regulatory requirements

Workflow to support protocols and data handling, analysis and reporting

A workflow based on the ACEnano knowledge infrastructure that supports all the steps related to protocols and data handling - from the laboratory bench to the analysis and reporting of results - was recently developed and is applied to different use cases related to the nanomaterials properties measurements. The workflow is robust but yet flexible, therefore it can be easily adapted to other applicability domains.

Main benefits of using the platform and related workflow

Store your own protocols and results or consult the resources already available from other users - whether you are a method developer, equipment provider or a scientist that applies different techniques to measure physicochemical properties of nanomaterials, you can easily access and use the platform that supports such activities related to data collection and analysis.

Harmonisation of the methodology within your organisation or project - if you want to have access to existing procedures, workflows, and datasets in order to apply similar approaches and evaluate them regarding their performance, applicability domain and intra- or inter-laboratory reproducibility or perform training activities you can also take advantage of the existing features of the platform.

Support to fulfill the regulatory requirements - if you work in industry, CROs or as a consultant, the platform can help you not only in sharing the data with your collaborators but also will support the preparation of different reports or regulatory dossiers (e.g., under REACH regulation) by offering access to structured physicochemical characterisation information and datasets on different regulatory-relevant endpoints.

On top, customised solutions can be developed! You can learn more about the platform or address a question to our experts and support team.

About the knowledge infrastructure

The platform includes instances to accommodate data and protocols related to the physicochemical characterisation of nanomaterials. The functionalities include two interlinked sections, the protocols storage and data warehouse that are integrated into the data workflow. The protocols database facilitates the addition and sharing of methods in a questionnaire-like format guiding users through the documentation process from starting material identification to sample preparation, measurement and data processing. The data warehouse based on EdelweissData technology offers long-term storage of the results in a reusable format that is directly linked to the methods applied.

Overall, the functionalities of the two services support the implementation of Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR) data principles, the reproducibility and documentation process towards the goal of generating reference resources for nanomaterials risk assessment.

The Knowledge Infrastructure is developed and offered as a service under the frame of EU Horizon 2020 projects - ACEnano (720952) and NanoCommons (731032).

About Edelweiss Connect

Edelweiss Connect has developed computer software that helps combine data from many different sources and formats into a useable form for evaluation and re-use. In addition, we have developed other software programs that can use the collected data and data from in vitro tests to predict the safety of chemical compounds in the human body.


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