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Avon Case: Enhancing Data Management

Avon, a global leader in beauty and cosmetics, partnered with Edelweiss Connect to enhance their data management for cosmetics formulation. By implementing SmartSafety software, Avon improved data organization, formulation decisions, and regulatory compliance, leading to safer and more sustainable beauty products.


Avon faced the challenge of optimizing data management to make precise formulation decisions while ensuring compliance with evolving safety regulations. The volume of data necessitated an advanced solution for streamlined organization and analysis.


Avon turned to Edelweiss Connect, and our expertise in computational toxicology and data science, for an innovative approach to data management:

  1. SmartSafety Software Implementation: Edelweiss Connect introduced Avon to SmartSafety, a powerful data organization tool. SmartSafety systematically organized Avon's extensive data into a format compatible with in-house software, facilitating rapid and accurate data retrieval.

  2. Data-Driven Formulations: The SmartSafety-enabled data structure empowered Avon's teams to utilize their data effectively, aiding in the formulation of safer and more sustainable beauty products. The tool streamlined the assessment of ingredient safety, resulting in faster and more informed decisions.

  3. Regulatory Compliance: Edelweiss Connect and SaferWorldbyDesign guided Avon in adapting SmartSafety to meet regulatory and safety standards. The tool became a cornerstone of Avon's compliance strategy, simplifying the preparation of documentation for regulatory submissions.

  • Enhanced Data Utilization: Avon's teams could harness their data more effectively, enabling informed formulation decisions.

  • Efficiency and Speed: SmartSafety reduced the time required to organize data, leading to faster product development cycles.

  • Regulatory Excellence: Avon's products consistently met regulatory standards, thanks to SmartSafety's robust data organization and compliance capabilities.


The collaboration between Avon, Edelweiss Connect, and SaferWorldbyDesign, with SmartSafety at its core, highlights the importance of innovative data management in the beauty industry. Avon's commitment to safety, sustainability, and regulatory compliance was strengthened, ensuring customers trust in their products' quality and safety.


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