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Our field of work involves delivering safety assessment solutions supported by integrated testing strategies and data analysis through infrastructure development, research, knowledge management, community development and international collaboration.

If you think you would like to work with us, send your cover letter and CV/resume (including education, experience, job descriptions, references, availability etc.) to employment@edelweissconnect.com.


Sales Manager, Safety Assessment Solutions

Lead our sales and customer development in safety assessment solutions

Type of position - Full Time
Location – Basel, Switzerland


Your Duties

  • Bring experience, understanding and a passion for science and technology and its development into innovative solutions of high industrial and societal impact
  • Lead our sales in solutions supporting 21st century safety assessment
  • Obtain, close and retain key customer accounts with the achievement of strong trust and satisfaction with the customer
  • Manage the growth of an expanding business and sales force in an exciting but challenging new business area
  • Propose compelling solutions to customers with strong business cases
  • Define key market segments, target business cases and value propositions
  • Capture key customer requirements into our product development plans
  • Lead customer projects involving helping customers get their work done and well
  • Combine a competence and flair for relationship and trust development
  • Experience and enjoyment in customer relationship and account development
  • Take responsibility for contributing to the sustainable growth of EwC
  • Carry out responsibilities according to best knowledge management practices and administration policies and procedures provided by EwC
  • Share knowledge and learning with other EwC employees, partners and customers
  • Progress the development of EwC to be a socially and ethically responsible and productive organisation having positive benefits on society and its members while providing an excellent service to its customers

Important Requirement on Collaboration Representation

This position will involve a strong emphasis on our business model for collaboration where we are working with a significant network of partners we have established in Europe, US and Asia. You will also be responsible to represent the market-leading new approach methods (NAMs) in safety assessment presented by this platform and partnership. This will include representation for the commercialisation of Europe’s leading program in NAMs (EUToxRisk) and customer relationship and account development for the collaboration communicated through the SaferWorldbyDesign portal:


Your values

  • You have a passion for your work and enjoy challenges
  • You are willing to work with dedication and intensity on difficult objectives
  • You are committed to goals and results-oriented
  • You gather energy working with others to achieve challenging goals
  • You are interested in working hands-on on solving business, marketing and customer problems
  • You should enjoy coordinating the work of others e.g., assembling and developing a team for an engagement
  • You find communicating with others rewarding
  • You can work alone and together as needed
  • You enjoy and can travel, socialise, meet other cultures
  • You can take responsibility to contribute to the sustainable growth of EwC
  • Honesty, trust and transparency are important to you
  • You are able to do what it takes to get things done when needed
  • You are personable and enjoyable to work with
  • You can follow policies and procedures
  • You have interest to share your knowledge and learning with other employees, partners and customers
  • You have views on the social, ethical and environmental aspects of technology and business and believe such values should be integrated in organisational objectives and activities
  • You will help progress the development of EwC to be a socially and ethically responsible and productive organisation having positive benefits on society and its members while providing an excellent service to its customers


Required SKILLS

  • Excellent education
  • 5+ years practical experience in sales and business development including larger customer accounts
  • Ability and motivation to learn and explore new fields and horizons
  • Scientific and Technology Experience and Knowledge e.g., selling technical and scientific solutions involving new product development in a B2B market
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, ability and experience to coordinate people and projects, to work in teams
  • Ability to innovate, generate ideas, be involved in value creation, selling new products, advancing and developing customer needs into solutions
  • You should be located reasonably close to Basel, Switzerland or be willing to relocate there
  • You must have excellent and fluent oral and written English.


Your application

You should send your cover letter and CV/resume (including education, experience, job descriptions, references, availability etc.) to employment@edelweissconnect.com

Please also send 1-3 descriptions or examples of your work.

Finally, please submit a 1-2 page summary about your work interests and experience, challenges you have overcome or want to take on, how you perceive Edelweiss Connect and what you will achieve with Edelweiss Connect in years to come. All materials will be treated as confidential.



Edelweiss Connect is an equal opportunity employer.
We welcome and encourage diversity in the workplace regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.

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