Spela P Hardy

Spela P Hardy

Job Title: 
Operations Manager


Spela P Hardy is the Operations Manager at Edelweiss Connect.

Spela Hardy as Operations Manager at EwC coordinates execution of all aspects of EwC operations, administrative and financial management.

She guides the development and implementation of best practices in knowledge management, organizational and human development, and financial administration.

She develops and implements new processes and their implementation into EwC systems within the scope of an aggressive growth strategy for the company, ensuring that the systems of the future are put in place as soon as possible to support healthy growth.

She has devoted considerable effort to ensure that EwC administrative and financial systems are implemented at a level of monitoring and preciseness to ensure adherence of EwC information to full audit quality standards, usually only achieved at much larger companies.

She also supports and coaches a busy team working across projects, time zones and a variety of interactions so that logistics are well functioning in place with processes running efficiently to support a well-oiled performance.


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