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  • Idoia Paucar H.

We Join Forces with XTALPI for AI-Enhanced Safety Evaluation of Skincare Products

Published on 28 Aug 2023

Today, XtalPi, a pioneering technology platform powered by (AI) and robotics; and Edelweiss Connect (EwC), a Swiss-headquartered business focusing on next-generation product design and risk assessment solutions, announced a strategic partnership. Both parties will fully leverage their unique advantages in chemical and pharmaceutical safety assessment, technology platforms, and market expertise to jointly create market-leading skincare product safety assessment solutions by integrating machine learning, AI, in vitro assays, and high-content cellular imaging analysis technology. The collaboration aims to provide more accurate and reliable integrated in silico and in vitro assessment (NAMs) in lieu of animal testing and seeks to establish new industry standards to ensure the robust fit-for-purpose adoption of such new tools in risk assessment.

XtalPi co-founder and CEO, Lai Lipeng said, "In the realms of drug and personal care product R&D, environmental monitoring, and beyond, the transition from animal testing to in vitro models holds immense societal, economic, and ecological benefits. Combining AI and high-throughput experimental technologies holds the promise of creating superior in vitro evaluation models. EwC's extensive expertise and established success in safety assessment, combined with XtalPi's innovative X-Map high-content cellular imaging analysis R&D platform make for a strong alliance in driving the exploration and development of groundbreaking in vitro safety evaluation solutions.”

“Our vision for next-generation product design and risk assessment with SaferWorldbyDesign has both great ambition and real and urgent industrial and societal need for new innovative solutions. Progress requires mobilisation and commitment of leading aligned resources within an emerging global market framework for both solution development and delivery. The partnering of Edelweiss Connect with XtalPi provides a significant injection of capability and momentum into this shared goal.” stated Barry Hardy, CEO of Edelweiss Connect.

Read the full press release: 


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